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Nicknames: Roids, Juice, Sauce, Slop, Product, Stacking, Hammer, Junk, Arnolds, Gym Candy, Pumpers.”

Mind Over Matter — Steroids

This is the Mind Over Matter section for steroids. Mind over Matter for steroids includes the following topics: “The Brain’s Response to Anabolic Steroids”, “Do Anabolic Steroids Really Make the Body Stronger?”, “Anabolic Steroids Affect the Brain”, “Anabolic Steroids Can Confuse the Brain and Body”, and “Anabolic Steroids in Medicine.”

Steroids — Several articles from the National Institute on Drug Abuse

Anabolic Steroids – The National Library of Medicine

tl;dr: How do the guys in the gym get those big chests and chicken legs??? <smile>