A Portal (of sorts) for Psychoactive Substance Use Disorder Information (and a wee bit more).

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Looking for help with a substance use problem is kinda scary. Privacy is important. The internet is a very public place with all kinds of corporations and governmental agencies tracking you and me.

Privacy is hard to come by on the internet, but using httpS helps -- it encrypts the connection between your computer and a website. I have set up this website to use httpS and <cough> even try to force your browser to use httpS.

This website does log your Internet Protocol Address that it detects when you surf to this site. I look at the logs occasionally. I delete them occasionally. If you use a Virtual Private Network, your privacy is virtually assured.

This site does not use Javascript, so you don't have to worry about being attacked through that kind of code.

This site is for informational purposes. I do provide a link to my professional website, so I am advertising my services, but only if you are looking for help in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Otherwise, truth be told, I don't give a hoot who you are. <smile>

All the Best.

Mike Feeley