A Portal (of sorts) for Psychoactive Substance Use Disorder Information (and a wee bit more).

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“Check to see if there is a problem. It is easy.”

PLEASE NOTE these diagnostic instruments are linked here for informational purposes ONLY. A complete and accurate diagnosis requires an experienced and licensed (mental) health practitioner PERIOD. On the other hand, check it out. If you or someone you care about seems to have a problem, deal with it <!> (up to and including getting yourself/them to a qualified treatment professional).

Alcohol and Drug Use Screening Questionnaires

Mental Health Screening Tools

Anxiety, depression, stress and other problems can accompany substance misuse. It might be worth your while to go online and check up on your mental health. A high percentage of people with substance use disorders have something else going on as well.

tl;dr: Check yourself or someone else. It is quick and easy. Just remember a formal diagnosis requires an appointment with a mental health professional.