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The huff that hurts.

Nicknames: Glue, paint, ethyl chloride, “rush”, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), amyl or butyl nitrate (“poppers”).

Neuroscience for Kids — Inhalants

Inhalants — Neuroscience for Kids — A set of webpages I highly recommend for people of all ages.

Inhalants — The National Institute on Drug Abuse offerings.

Mind Over Matter — Inhalants

Mind Over Matter– Inhalants presents topics such as “The Brain’s Response to Inhalants”, “They Don’t Go Away When You Exhale”, “Beyond the Brain”, “Changes in the Brain”, and “Can You Fill the Gaps?”

Nitrous Oxide — from Go Ask Alice

Nitrous Oxide — Questions and Answers from

Inhalants — National Library of Medicine

Inhalants — National Library of Medicine MedlinePlus information service.

Preventing Inhalant Abuse

A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Inhalant Abuse from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

National Inhalant Prevention Coalition

NIPC is a private, non-profit working to prevent inhalant abuse. Their website is — note the “s”.

Alliance for Consumer Education

Inhalant Abuse The Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) (which) was founded in 2000 by a small group of non profit organizations and household cleaning product manufacturers. Their website is “designed to provide parents and other caregivers with essential information about the risks and prevention of inhalant abuse to equip them to have the discussions with their children.” They provide information, links and a prevention kit.

tl;dr: Fresh air may be best.